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  • December 20: Speakers – Yetta Jager and Virginia Dale
    Downstream Aquatic Ecosystem
    Services Generated by Upstream Perennial Feedstocks. Read More 
    From Sustainable Bioenergy Indicators to Ecosystem Services: Challenges and Opportunities. Read More
  • December 16: Speakers – Terry Mathews and Virginia Dale
    Lessons from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science Workshop. Read More
  • Nov. 9: “Seeing the Path to Sustainable Bioenergy: Interactive Analytical Data Visualization in Research and Publication” by Michael Hilliard of ORNL.
  • August 9: “Using Landscape typologies to model socioecological systems: Application to agriculture of the United States Gulf Coast” was made by Sujithkumar Surendran Nair of ORNL.
  • July 20: “Creating a tool for visualizing progress toward bioenergy sustainability” by Nate Pollesch (UTK) and Mike Hilliard and Virginia Dale (ORNL).
  • May 17: Tour of the Forest Inventory and Analysis Demonstration Plot at the University of Tennessee Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center led by Jason McHan and Sam Lambert of the US Forest Service, Southern Research Station.


  • September 22: Speakers – Virginia Dale, Keith Kline, Esther Parish and Emma Tobin
    A landscape design approach for sustainability of woody biomass production. Read More
    Overview of the pellet industry in the Southeastern US. Abstract
    For more about the speakers please view more
  • June 30: Speakers – Kevin Comer and Tim Clark of the Antares Group.
    BALES Project Overview and Corn Stover Harvest Data Collection Progress, Plans, and Issues.
    Click here for abstract – For more about Kevin Comer and Tim Clark read here
  • June 29: Speaker – Chris Lituma
    Multi-scale Assessment of Wildlife Sustainability in Switchgrass Biofuel Feedstock Production. 
    abstract – For more about Chris Lituma view here
  • June 8: Speaker – Dr. Amy Fletcher
    Engaging Extinction:  De-Extinction, Sustainability and Society.  
    abstract – For More about Amy Fletcher view here
  • May 14: Speaker – Latha Baskaran
    Aquatic Macroinvertebrates for Assessing Water Quality Effects Associated with Bioenergy 
    Abstract – View here
    For more information about Ms. Baskaran View here.
  • April 16: Speaker – John Coulston of the newly established USDA Forest Service Center for Forest Products Survey and Analytics
    Complex forest dynamics indicate potential for slowing carbon accumulation in the southeastern United States.View Here
    Abstract & Bio – View Here
  • April 15: Tour Carbon Fiber Technology Facility.  Conducted by the Facility Operations Manager, Connie Jackson.  The Carbon Fiber Technology Facility is at the Horizon Center, 92 Palladium Way, Oak Ridge. For more information, see below:
    Pamphlet – Fact Sheet – Map and Directions to the Facility
  • April 2: Speaker – Bob Abt of NCSU and the Southern Forest Resource Assessment Consortium
    Bioenergy Demand in a Market Driven Forest Economy pdf presentation
    Participated in discussions about assessing sustainability of SE forest products for energy and the Billion-Ton 2016 Update forest sector inputs.
    Dr. Abt’s bio – View Here
  • March 4: Speaker – Nate Pollesch, Ph.D candidate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, TN
    Bioenergy Sustainability Assessment:  Mathematical approaches to protocol development. pdf presentation
    For his biosketch. View here
  • February 25: Speaker – Jim Parks
    The Triple-Dare Challenge Facing the Automotive Industry: Fuel Economy Standards, Emissions Regulations, and Renewable Fuel Use.pdf presentation
    Dr. Parks Bio.View here.
    For an abstract of the presentation. View here.
  • January 7: Speaker – Hans Langeveld
    Harvesting more from less land: Changes in land use intensity and its impact on the food vs. fuel debate pdf link